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radio series

The Arab Way

My last radio series, which I wrote for the Slovak Radio was "The Arab Way", in 2012. The Slovak Radio aired it on its several radio channels, i.e. Devin, Regina and Junior. This series consists of 5 parts.
Part 1: Oman
Part 2: Yemen
Part 3:
Part 4: Sudan
Part 5: The Festivals bring us closer

A Whale and its Mystery

I wrote this tale also for the Slovak Radio for the purpose of the Fairy-tale Night Festival with Andersen. It has been aired on March 30, 2012. I have bestowed my voice to "A Whale and its Mystery", which is loosely related to my Tales from Sumhuram. This tale took its shape based on a real story.

Tales from Sumhuram

In 2012 I made an adaptation of my book Tales from Sumhuram, and as such I produced a beautiful 5-part series under the same name. It was broadcast as goodnight stories on the Regina Radio in the "Good Night, Children!" program.
Magical Healing
The Lost City of Ubar
Who is the Right One?
Fire Dance
Sheikh Samun´s Peak

A Journey through the Arab World

Still in 2005 in cooperation with Edgar Jarunek I prepared and recorded 3-month series for the Twist Radio under the name A Journey through the Arab World. The topics of each series were as follows:
1. Arab versus Muslim
2. Women and their status; Women and veiling
3. What are the Arab drivers like?
4. The Arab culinary art
5. What do the Arabs drink?
6. Taboo topics
7. What is regarded a good behavior?
8. The Arab music
9. Do the Arabs have fun?
10. Media and censorship in the Arab world
11. Male fashion and dressing traditions
12. How do ladies dress?
13. Superstitions yet exist