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ORIENT with Emire

Emire KhidayerIn June 2012, in cooperation with a reputed Slovak travel agency KARTAGO tours, I launched a column on their website under the name ORIENT with Emire. I named it logically based on what I am doing all my life and career. Regularly, I used to add there articles related to the Arabs from different fields and angles – life & society, history and travelling.

Since October 2012, I started to contribute to one of the leading Slovak newspaper SME under my own blog. This was my personal continuation of a common oriental studies blog, where prominent Slovak orientalists, including me, grouped in NGO Pro Oriente, used to write their sketches and opinions of their relevance during 2010 and 2012.

Here are my ORIENT with Emire/Emire´s BLOG articles:

Are we able to bear the freedom of opinion?, April 28, 2015

The Copts celebrate their Christmas on our Feast of the Epiphany, Jan 6, 2013

Arabic Christmas, Dec 26, 2012

Khidayer E.: ORIENT with Emire: Baalbak: The fragrance of old times and times even older, KARTAGO Tours, Nov 9, 2012 and on SME
http://www.kartago.sk/orient-s-emire/331/ & www.khidayer.blog.sme.sk

Khidayer E.: ORIENT with Emire: Magical Healing, KARTAGO Tours, Oct 19, 2012

Khidayer E.: ORIENT with Emire: No Anger in Kadimiya, KARTAGO Tours, Oct 19, 2012 and on SME
http://www.kartago.sk/orient-s-emire/328/ &

Khidayer E.: ORIENT with Emire: News from Baghdad, KARTAGO Tours, Oct 5, 2012 and on SME http://www.kartago.sk/orient-s-emire/325/ & www.khidayer.blog.sme.sk

Khidayer E.: ORIENT with Emire: The Arab Way – part 2, KARTAGO Tours, Sept 28, 2012

Khidayer E.: ORIENT with Emire: The Arab Way – part 1, KARTAGO Tours, Sept 21, 2012

Khidayer E.: ORIENT with Emire: One of taboos, KARTAGO Tours, Sept 18, 2012

Khidayer E.: ORIENT with Emire: The mysterious Sinbad, KARTAGO Tours, August 27, 2012

Khidayer E.: ORIENT with Emire: Ramadan ended up and the Festival kicked off, KARTAGO Tours, August 22, 2012

Khidayer E.: ORIENT with Emire: Which language do they speak in Socotra or what languages lurk for you in the south of Arabia?, KARTAGO Tours, Aug 17, 2012

Khidayer E.: ORIENT with Emire: Ramadan and Girgaoun, KARTAGO Tours, Aug 8, 2012

Khidayer E.: ORIENT with Emire: The reality of Ramadan, KARTAGO Tours, July 30, 2012

Khidayer E.: ORIENT with Emire: Generosity beyond all other features, KARTAGO Tours, July 17, 2012

Khidayer E.: ORIENT with Emire: Treasures of the city of Kairuwan, KARTAGO Tours, July 12, 2012

Khidayer E.: ORIENT with Emire: If you want to get along with another culture, you have to know it!, KARTAGO Tours, June 11, 2012