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TV Turiec, June 7, 2013: I inaugurate the book of quotes by J. Ondrej & B. Horecky "Handful of Bee Stings", from 8,15 min.

Book lovers: A New Book, the first Novel: May 21, 2013 after the Dubai Secrets Inauguration

PRAGUE Jan 24, 2013: The Inauguration of "Life the Arab Way" in Czech translation

Czech TV1 Home Alone, "Rights of Women in the Arab World", March 8, 2013, 3 interviews from
1:09, 22:22 a 59:09 min.

Czech TV1 - Home Alone (Dec 14, 2012) - Christmas in the World - part 2

Czech TV1 - Home Alone (Dec 14, 2012) - Christmas in the World - part 1

The Best of Mine within Maria´s Vision of The Best of the World, Bratislava, August 2013

Books on the Arab World get on beyond borders of Slovakia, July 22, 2012, Panta Rhei

Travel Journal about Sudan, HD+ TV, July 3, 2012

TV JOJ, News at 12:00, June 27, 2012

Revealing the charm of Oman, Travel Journal, HD+ TV

Home alone, Czech TV1, Jan 27, 2012 at 12,30 hrs.

PRAGUE, November 16, 2011: Presentation of my "The Arab World - Another Planet? in Czech, the first foreign translation, entered the life by Blanka Matragi

Guess who invited us - Sudan

Guarding Angels of Emire Khidayer


Women´s magazine

What is happening in the Arab World?

Egypt and Libya - Slovakia should not be silent

Piestany daily:  Emíre Khidayer made jabanah for students

The Arab World - Another Planet?

Life the Arab Way, Tales from Sumhuram - Books inauguration

Live portraits

Emíre Khidayer presents her new books and talks about Sudan

Guess who invited us – Iraq

3 minutes with ... Emire Khidayer: The Arab World - Another Planet? in Czech