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I have written a number of op-ed articles for different magazines, in which I bring up topics, which interest me, but also such that are of interest of many people. When it comes to the Slovak and Czech media, I can proudly say, that I had introduced totally new themes of the Arab culture, which were not tackled in our countries (Slovakia and Czechia) before. As I am looking at the Arab societies from the perspective of the socio-political development and at same time holistically, I consider important to shed light on their features and nuances. I am presenting the reality of the Arabs as it is, candidly, with no embellishment.

One of my articles, which I regard crucial, is a popular scientific discourse on "The Transcription of the Arabic Names and Terms in Slovak" written together with Edgar Jarunek. Both of us, graduates of the Arabic linguistics explain, how easily the Arab words can be transcribed into Slovak based on the Slovak phonetics. The aim of our transcription guidelines is to achieve the best possible authentic sound compared to its original. The Slovak grammar as well as the Czech one and unlike the English or French, has at its disposal a wide range of diacritical marks and length of vowels, which can be typically used. This article on the transcription was published in a prestigious Slovak linguistic magazine "Slovenská reč", i.e. "The Slovak Language" and our proposals have been utilized for the Public Advisory Bureau of the Language Institute of the Slovak Academy of Sciences.

Other articles of mine tackle different aspects of the Arab society that are extremely user-friendly, mainly for those non-Arabs who travel to the Middle East or come into contact with Arabs. The topics, which I chose, are reflecting the up-to-date reality. To name a few, there are such as signing different types of marriages based on love affairs of European women with local men in Egyptian, Tunisian and Moroccan holidays resorts. Further, I have written about big religious festival celebrations and on historical places that deserve to be visited. Last but not least, was the article how Slovaks make their dreams come true in the Arab world of business. When I was working in the IT sector, I wrote some articles on the latest technologies introduced in large-scale projects in the United Arab Emirates.

And of course, my beloved topic is the political situation analysis in regard to the Middle East and North Africa. Some of my analyses appeared in the most prestigious Slovak daily newspapers Pravda and SME.

Most of my articles are written in Slovak, some in Czech. There is an arcticle on the IT sector written in English. Please, find below the resume of the "Transcription article".

Have a good read or at least going through what I have written!

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Especially in the recent years, a considerable number of foreign words has emerged in the Slovak media and literature, among them many originating in languages using other than Latin-based scripts. These words often appear in variable shapes, apparently without any consistency. The article tackles the chaos existing in the transcription of Arabic words for the Slovak media and popularization texts and suggests a set of rules for this purpose, trying to preserve the maximum of the original language phonology and, at the same time, to make the resulting form as simple as possible, either for printing or for reading. To avoid ambiguities arising from the use of grapheme clusters such as th, the proposed rules sacrifice a limited number of phonemes, viz. the Arabic t and d, which graphically merge into t and d respectively. Similar is the fate of the so-called emphatic consonants, usually transliterated with "dotted" characters. The article puts a special emphasis on preserving the phonological quality and quantity of Arabic vowels, both of which can be easily rendered in the written Slovak language. The same holds true for the quantity of Arabic consonants, if present.
Attached to the article is a list of the most frequent Arabic proper names occuring in the field of politics.

Khidayer E.: There is Ramadan once again, Literárny týždenník (Literary Weekly), Volume XV., 44/2002, p. 8