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A new book in the process!

Currently I am in the process of gaining material for my upcoming book "The Arab Food Culture" for which I have chosen a famous Slovak documentary photographer Alan Hyza. Trips to the Arab countries are sponsored by given companies and organisations and the BLISS.

Last trips to the Middle East
Since March 2011 I visited a number of Middle Eastern countries, primarily to get material for "The Arab Food Culture" book, but at the same time to see with my own eyes, to feel with my own sences the lastest changes of the Arab peoples. Among those countries visited were: Sudan, Morocco, Egypt, Oman, Jordan, Palestine, Israel, Yemen, Djibouti, Emirates, Bahrain, Iraq, Lebanon and Tunisia. BIG THANKS to all my sponsors and partners on the logo panel.

With a vendor in a village on the slope of the Green Mountains in Oman